Crawford Family

Back in December our church hosted a vendor event, offering a fun night of Christmas shopping to the community while providing a sales venue for women-owned businesses run by ladies both within and outside our church family.  Hubby graciously watched baby Lilly at home, and allowed me the evening out to participate.  After having been on hiatus for nearly 6 months due to our move in June and Lilly’s birth in September, I was excited to get things back up and running!

I held a drawing at the Glimpses of His Grace booth, and the Crawford family won the free mini session!  We had to reschedule due to a torrential rainstorm at the end of December, but were finally able to do their session a little over a week ago. Their sweet kiddos were great sports, and so cute too! Here are a few of my favorites:



Haddon | One Year Old!

Last week, some dear friends from our community group asked me to capture a few memories for them on the eve of their son Haddon’s first birthday.  We selected a quintessential southern pecan grove not far from town as our location for the session, and it was gorgeous!  We had to battle an army of gnats who globbed onto us as soon as we arrived, and the heat was a tad on the unbearable side being a typical spring afternoon, but I think we got some great ones!

The Wilsons are a beautiful family inside and out, and it has been such a joy to watch Haddon grow this past year.  I can’t believe this handsome little man is one already!  Wilson family, Hubby and I are so glad we’ve been able to share life with you these past few years!

IMG_7318  IMG_7321 (1)

IMG_7338  IMG_7347

IMG_7415 (1)

IMG_7354 (1)  IMG_7369 (1)

IMG_7372 (1)  IMG_7386





Downtown Shoot | Paige

Earlier this month Hubby’s lovely momma, Paige, made the long drive to south Georgia for a visit and to help us begin preparing for our upcoming move.  (For those of you who don’t know, we will be leaving Air Force life entirely and relocating to North Carolina at the beginning of June so Hubby can attend seminary!)  My “Mom 2” as she’s affectionately known was a tremendous help and she and I got plenty done around the house, from boxing up the contents of the china cabinet and our overloaded bookshelves, to loading Hubby’s truck full of my painted furniture projects and castoff home decor to consign at my favorite local shop.

But we also made sure to make time for some fun and took advantage of having another girl around!  We got our nails done – fingers and toes, talk about pampered! – did some shopping, and enjoyed a few lunch dates.  My mom-in-law also let us talk her into getting dressed up and heading downtown with me for a fun little photo shoot one afternoon.  She looked absolutely beautiful!  There are so many photos from our 2 hours exploring downtown that it was hard to narrow down, but these are a handful of my favorites.

IMG_6754  IMG_6780

IMG_6790  IMG_6809



IMG_6852  IMG_6898


IMG_6956 IMG_6991 IMG_6994



Drexel Park | Wells Family

A few weeks have passed since this session, but with several rounds of family in town and all the traveling we’ve done, the month of April has truly flown by and I hadn’t quite gotten around to putting the photos up on the blog yet.  I joined the Wells and their two adorable daughters at Drexel Park on a sunny Sunday evening for family portraits.  We had to work around a Medieval-era LARPing battle in one section of the park – talk about keeping things interesting! – but we were able to capture some great shots.  Truly a beautiful family!

IMG_6699  IMG_6688

IMG_6684  IMG_6693







A Man & His Dog

Happy Saturday friends!  Today turned out to be the most wonderfully gorgeous spring day here in south Georgia. The sun smiled brightly, the warm air rippled with the lightest whisper of a breeze, and the world was awash in a burst of color and new life.  Now that the sun has slipped below the horizon and the warmth and light has paled into night, I hate that it ever had to end.  Suffice it to say, it was a perfect day.

In the midst of this gift of a day, I had a strong hankering to get out and about with my camera for some practice.  Hubby kindly obliged to serve as my muse, so I allowed him to choose his own props!  What ensued was an adventure of a date night as we set out on a hunt for new locations, collaborated on some fun photos, and simply enjoyed each others’ company.  Here’s a bit of what we have to show for those few hours…

Photos - 12199

Photos - 12200

Photos - 12201

Photos - 12202

Photos - 12203

Photos - 12205 Photos - 12206

Photos - 12211

Photos - 12212

Photos - 12214

Photos - 12215

Photos - 12216

Photos - 12218

Photos - 12219 Photos - 12220

Sorry for the hubby overload…I just can’t get enough of that handsome man!

Photos - 12221

Photos - 12224

As I’m sure you can tell from these next few, I was very much enjoying my first opportunity to practice capturing sun flare.  To be completely honest, it happened by accident the first time as I crouched down to snag the shot a few photos above, but I was so excited I couldn’t stop hootin’ and hollering about it! I love learning something new!

Photos - 12225

Photos - 12226

Photos - 12227

Photos - 12228

Photos - 12230

Ike-boy sure was wore out by the end of the evening with all that excitement, but he was an excellent model! And boy, did Hubby and I have some fun on our off-roading, camera-wielding, sun-drenched exploration through some of the town’s lesser known photographic destinations.  Here’s to a blast of an evening!

Photos - 12235