Haddon | One Year Old!

Last week, some dear friends from our community group asked me to capture a few memories for them on the eve of their son Haddon’s first birthday.  We selected a quintessential southern pecan grove not far from town as our location for the session, and it was gorgeous!  We had to battle an army of gnats who globbed onto us as soon as we arrived, and the heat was a tad on the unbearable side being a typical spring afternoon, but I think we got some great ones!

The Wilsons are a beautiful family inside and out, and it has been such a joy to watch Haddon grow this past year.  I can’t believe this handsome little man is one already!  Wilson family, Hubby and I are so glad we’ve been able to share life with you these past few years!

IMG_7318  IMG_7321 (1)

IMG_7338  IMG_7347

IMG_7415 (1)

IMG_7354 (1)  IMG_7369 (1)

IMG_7372 (1)  IMG_7386





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