Downtown Shoot | Paige

Earlier this month Hubby’s lovely momma, Paige, made the long drive to south Georgia for a visit and to help us begin preparing for our upcoming move.  (For those of you who don’t know, we will be leaving Air Force life entirely and relocating to North Carolina at the beginning of June so Hubby can attend seminary!)  My “Mom 2” as she’s affectionately known was a tremendous help and she and I got plenty done around the house, from boxing up the contents of the china cabinet and our overloaded bookshelves, to loading Hubby’s truck full of my painted furniture projects and castoff home decor to consign at my favorite local shop.

But we also made sure to make time for some fun and took advantage of having another girl around!  We got our nails done – fingers and toes, talk about pampered! – did some shopping, and enjoyed a few lunch dates.  My mom-in-law also let us talk her into getting dressed up and heading downtown with me for a fun little photo shoot one afternoon.  She looked absolutely beautiful!  There are so many photos from our 2 hours exploring downtown that it was hard to narrow down, but these are a handful of my favorites.

IMG_6754  IMG_6780

IMG_6790  IMG_6809



IMG_6852  IMG_6898


IMG_6956 IMG_6991 IMG_6994



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