A Man & His Dog

Happy Saturday friends!  Today turned out to be the most wonderfully gorgeous spring day here in south Georgia. The sun smiled brightly, the warm air rippled with the lightest whisper of a breeze, and the world was awash in a burst of color and new life.  Now that the sun has slipped below the horizon and the warmth and light has paled into night, I hate that it ever had to end.  Suffice it to say, it was a perfect day.

In the midst of this gift of a day, I had a strong hankering to get out and about with my camera for some practice.  Hubby kindly obliged to serve as my muse, so I allowed him to choose his own props!  What ensued was an adventure of a date night as we set out on a hunt for new locations, collaborated on some fun photos, and simply enjoyed each others’ company.  Here’s a bit of what we have to show for those few hours…

Photos - 12199

Photos - 12200

Photos - 12201

Photos - 12202

Photos - 12203

Photos - 12205 Photos - 12206

Photos - 12211

Photos - 12212

Photos - 12214

Photos - 12215

Photos - 12216

Photos - 12218

Photos - 12219 Photos - 12220

Sorry for the hubby overload…I just can’t get enough of that handsome man!

Photos - 12221

Photos - 12224

As I’m sure you can tell from these next few, I was very much enjoying my first opportunity to practice capturing sun flare.  To be completely honest, it happened by accident the first time as I crouched down to snag the shot a few photos above, but I was so excited I couldn’t stop hootin’ and hollering about it! I love learning something new!

Photos - 12225

Photos - 12226

Photos - 12227

Photos - 12228

Photos - 12230

Ike-boy sure was wore out by the end of the evening with all that excitement, but he was an excellent model! And boy, did Hubby and I have some fun on our off-roading, camera-wielding, sun-drenched exploration through some of the town’s lesser known photographic destinations.  Here’s to a blast of an evening!

Photos - 12235


2 thoughts on “A Man & His Dog

  1. Diana Burditt says:

    These are AWESOME!!! You just keeping getting better and better, Becca! Can’t wait to see beautiful you, your handsome hubby, and sweet Ike in a few weeks. ;o) Sending you my love and hugs!! Mom

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