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Welcome Fall {Decor Tour}

Hubby and I moved to south Georgia in June 2012 in the midst of the a summer heat wave so as autumn drew nearer, I yearned for crisp air and cool breezes.  I daydreamed about the leaves that would smolder slowly until suddenly, as if on cue, the landscape would be set ablaze in every shade of red, orange, and saffron as it had in Ohio where I’d lived for two years before. I eagerly anticipated the day when I would have to pull out my scarves, boots, and sweaters, the day when sitting in front of a crackling fire with a cup of coffee and a good book seemed the only fitting thing to do as the leaves drifted lazily down outside.

And would you believe it? That day never came!

That first fall, on Labor Day if I remember correctly, I had decided that it was high time to put up the fall decorations. I rummaged around in our garage until I unearthed our wreath, nostalgic visions building all the while in my head.  I remember very distinctly opening the front door, nearly bursting with excitement to hang the wreath and usher in a new season, and being met with a hot blast of air that nearly took my breath away and simultaneously smashed any dreams of fall as I had envisioned it.  Oh wait, this is Georgia!

But while there aren’t too many changing leaves around these parts, nor will it get much cooler than the mid-80s for a few more months, there is still plenty of reason to welcome fall!

Here are a few of the ways we’ve welcomed fall in our home:

Fall Mantle #1

In decorating the table, as in decorating the rest of our home, I enjoy mixing old with new, natural with more luxe finishes, etc.  The juxtaposition keeps things interesting, and lends itself well to creating a collected home with character.  For example, I set the table using wooden salad bowls and rattan placemats (those natural finishes we were talking about) and our everyday dishes layered together with antique Wedgewood china we inherited from Hubby’s side of the family.  The warmth of the natural elements adds just the right amount of casual, while the fancier touches in the gold-edged china and the mercury glass candle holder ensure it’s a step above an everyday affair.

Fall Table

Fall Table #2

Fall Mantle #2

Fall Mirror

And because it doesn’t feel like fall until it smells like fall…

Fall Candles

The Pumpkin Chai candle in front is hands down the most amazing smelling fall candle. I’m so sad that it’s almost gone!  If you ever see one in your local TJMaxx, snatch that baby up! Yumm…

Welcome Fall Collage

How do you welcome fall into your home?

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3 thoughts on “Welcome Fall {Decor Tour}

  1. Diana Burditt says:

    Beautiful, daughter!! How I miss you setting the table at our house for Sunday dinners! And the times you gathered wildflowers to put on the table as soon as we arrived at the cabin. You are missed!!!

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