A Project in Progress & A Project Complete!

Once upon a time, there was a little spindle-leg side table that sat patiently in an antiques store waiting for a buyer.  She was pretty, everyone thought as they walked past, but she was just too beat up and rickety to warrant taking her home.  That is, until I got ahold of her! A little TLC goes a long way.

I first posted on this project in progress over 3 months ago, but owing to some toasty weather that rendered our garage/workshop unbearable and a temporary job, all of my furniture flipping plans basically ground to a  halt during the past few months.  But no more!  I dove back in to the world of sanders, stain, and paintbrushes over the past few weeks and can finally say that I finished the spindle-leg table!

Remember this sad, wobbly table?


How ’bout this, after some tightening up and a fresh coat of stain on top?


Well, here it is now…finally finished and ready to sell!

Spindle Leg Table #1

I had stained and lightly poly’d the top of the table previously, but Hubby and I figured it wouldn’t hurt to protect the wood more thoroughly against spills, etc., so I topped it off with two coats of clear satin spray paint to seal it.  Having completed all the sanding and prep work on the bottom half of the table before my hiatus, I went straight to applying two coats of Olympic’s Flagstone grey.  Once the paint had dried completely, I lightly distressed the table with some 220 grit sandpaper.  It felt so horrible at first to turn right around and “ruin” the painted finish I’d worked so hard for, but after strategically sanding a few places, I felt like the table looked much better with a bit of instant “age.”

Spindle Leg Table #3Spindle Leg Table #2

I’m so glad I can finally say I’ve finished this project!

Now my current project underway is a castoff twin headboard & footboard set.  We spotted the pieces by the curb in the neighbor’s trash pile late one evening while visiting some friends in Warner Robins.  Thankfully we’d driven the truck that weekend, so we just tossed the furniture in before hitting the road back home.

Headboard & Footboard #1

Unfortunately, we realized once we got home that one of the finials on the headboard was missing.  It had probably unscrewed itself and was back by the curb a few hours’ drive away.  Alas, it was too late to rescue it.

Headboard & Footboard #3

It looks like the previous owners had attempted to sell the set at a garage sale, since there was a sticker pasted on the headboard that read “$22.”  I’d say that’s an awfully high price to ask for this piece at a yard sale, but their inability to sell the furniture was certainly our gain!  It’s a bit dinged up – I’m pretty sure it took residence in a little kiddo’s room – but with some sanding,  fresh paint, and a plan to address the missing finial, I think it’ll look great.  The footboard has already undergone its initial transformation, sporting a coat of Behr’s Rain Storm, and deep tealy-blue shade that I had on hand. (Hooray for Home Depot gift cards!)

Hopefully this project won’t take me 3 months to complete!!

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