The Best Part of Waking Up

You know that sing-songy jingle “the best part of waking up is…”?  I’m sure you can finish it from there!  Well to me, that sentence doesn’t end with “Folgers in your cup.”  Although I do love a good cup of coffee, I don’t usually drink it in the morning, nor can I quite stand to drink it plain, bitter black.  I’m far too much of a frou-frou coffee sort of girl.  To me, the best part of waking up – besides the joy that God has gifted me with another day – is opening my eyes each morning to see my best friend waking up next to me.  And knowing that no matter where life takes us, no matter where we are, so long as he’s there, I’m home.  See, there he is…the handsomest guy around!

Bedroom #3

Then there’s our sweet pup snoring away in his bed (or on the end of ours as the case may be).  He snores like an old man, by the way. Cute and endearing…until you’re trying to fall asleep. But besides Hubby, Ike boy is the fella I see the most of most days and who keeps me company around the house, and he is loyal and loving to boot.

Sleepy Ike

After sharing photos of our office way back when, I’ve been meaning to share pictures of the other rooms in our house for quite some time.  When I woke up to a find our bedroom awash in sunshine after a week of rain and dreary weather, I couldn’t help but snap a few pictures.  I love it how to room just glows when the sun hits it just right.

Bedroom #1

We have our lightweight quilt on the bed for the summer right now, but we pull out our heavier quilt (which matches the damask pillowcases) when the weather gets chillier.  And don’t be fooled by those unassuming pom-pons…they do not like to stay put. I’ve got about 10 stashed away in a drawer waiting to be reattached after they declared mutiny.

Bedroom #7

The small wooden box on Hubby’s dresser is one that he brought back from Afghanistan this past December.  It was handmade and the craftsmanship is absolutely beautiful; it’s also the perfect spot for him to stow all his deployment mementos and such.  And that there’s my wedding bouquet.  When Hubby and I were planning our wedding, Mom and I decided to make the bouquets and flower arrangements ourselves and opted to do so with faux flowers, both to save money and to be able to enjoy those treasures for years to come.  (If you’re interested in how we made the bouquets, stay tuned as I’m planning to share some of our wedding memories and budget-friendly tidbits as we get closer to our anniversary in early November.)

Bedroom #6

Can you believe my mom drew the picture in the silver frame?  She’s a pretty great artist, especially for having really picked up pastels, watercoloring, and so forth just in within the past few years!

Bedroom #4


And so sorry if you’re tired of seeing pictures of Ike, but I couldn’t help it!  Just a few parting shots of our sleepy snuggler in his perch…

Bedroom #11

Bedroom #12

What’s that you said?  Did you say…walk?! 

So what’s your favorite part of waking up?

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