Painting with a Twist {At Home!}

Weekend before last, I took an overnight trip to Jacksonville with 4 wonderful girlfriends from church to celebrate all of our summer birthdays.  With the kiddos left home with the hubbies, we were free to enjoy a weekend filled with girl-time fun: an afternoon at the beach, shopping, dinner and dessert at Cheesecake Factory, and my favorite part of the trip – Painting with a Twist!  It was my first time at a Painting-with-a-Twist-type event, and let me tell you, it was a blast!  They have locations all over the U.S. so be sure to check out their website and plan to go if you have one nearby!

Painting with a Twist

And lucky me, the painting we did fit perfectly with the beach-themed redecorating project I’ve had in the works in our master bathroom.  I’ve been wanting a larger piece of artwork or decor to grace the wall above the toilet.  I’d had my eye out for several months for something handmade or hand-painted, bottom-line something with character, but had not yet found anything that jumped out at me.  I’d even thought about trying to paint something beachy myself.  Oddly enough, it didn’t even cross my mind that the anchor painting would fit the bill until it hit me out of nowhere in the middle of our class!  Hooray for serendipity!

This past Friday – a week after my girls’ trip – Hubby and I found ourselves a bit short on our dating budget for the month and thus looking for something essentially free to do for our date night.  That’s when I thought of trying to recreate our own Painting with a Twist night at home.  We already had all of the supplies we needed from a previous project, so it was a fun and unique date at no cost to us!

Painting with a Twist Title

First, we gathered up all our supplies:

  • Assorted synthetic paint brushes
  • Acrylic paint in a variety of colors
  • Two 12 x 12″ canvases
  • Paper towels (for dabbing wet brushes and to protect the tabletop from any paint splatter)
  • Old cups or containers filled with water (for cleaning your brushes)
  • iPad & stand to play to Youtube videos


We followed along (loosely) with Youtube tutorials by Amy Pearce here:

Vibrant Turquoise Background

How to Paint a Cherry Blossom Branch

She moves very quickly compared to the hour or hour-and-a-half long painting classes at Painting with a Twist, so at times we had to pause the video and catch up, but overall she provides great instruction.  If you search Youtube for painting tutorials, you can find lots of other step-by-step tutorials if cherry blossoms aren’t your thing.

Here are a few shots of the process, beginning with the creation of the background. Don’t mind the horrid lighting, our house gets so dim in the evenings!


Can you guess which one is mine and which one is Hubby’s?

IMG_3781 IMG_3784

His is the gray one on the right; mine’s the brown/blue/green globby one on the left.  He did a much better job blending his background than I did – who knew he was such a skilled painter!

And the final results after they’ve been given a chance to dry!

IMG_3800 IMG_3801

What do you think? Does a painting night at home sound like fun to you? If so, give it a try!  If you’re anything like us, you’ll both enjoy working on something side by side and you’ll learn a little something along the way too!

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One thought on “Painting with a Twist {At Home!}

  1. Diana Burditt says:

    How fun! And what a great idea to do it together at home!! ;o) I wonder if I could get Daddy to do it with me.

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