{First Friday Favorites} Fonts

I have always loved beautiful handwriting. In the fourth grade, I was the proud recipient of the coveted (at least in my mind) Penmanship Award, and spent far too much time in vain attempt to write each letter perfectly on my class notes, homework, and even tests with the clock ticking down – something I eventually and reluctantly gave up because of all of the laborious writing, erasing, and rewriting involved!  But there is something so moving about the written word – not only in the meaning of the words themselves, but in the emotion invoked and artistry lent by the letters themselves as they run urgently, plod somberly, dance gaily, or march steadily onward across the page.

In a time when most of our writing is now done on a computer, I had resigned myself to the confines of standard computer fonts. But then, as I began to work on Hubby’s and my wedding invitations a few years ago, I made the glorious discovery that I could download beautiful fonts via the internet.  And I went nuts!  Like handwriting, each font is unique.  A font can be airy, edgy, romantic, terse, angry, sweet…any of which amplify the meaning of the words it arrays.  I love how a font alone can incapsulate a specific feeling or era.

Fast forward to this week.  Until today, I’ve been busy as can be volunteering as the official photographer for our church’s 4-day Vacation Bible School.  I can home each day with at least 300 photos to sort through and edited my favorites to include in a slideshow for last night’s closing ceremony.  But in the midst of all of this, I somehow found time to get  hopelessly lost in the world of fonts all over again.  Searching the internet for free fonts to add to my growing collection…best thing ever!

So if you’re like me and love a beautiful font or two…here are 9 of my all-time favorites. Some are free, some come with a price tag, and the last is an already-included Mac font.

Favorites Fonts

1.  Handwriting Draft     2.  Peony Charming     3.  Adage Script

4.  Fancy     5.  Bergamont Ornaments     6.  Carolyna Pro Black

7.  Scratch     8.  Carolyna Pro

9.  American Typewriter (included Mac font)

Carolyna Pro Black from Emily Lime Design has been my font crush for quite a while and I’m so excited to finally have it!  I love her Peoni and Bombshell Pro fonts as well, but have to hold off for the time being. If I find a similar font for free, however, I’ll be all over that!  And the Fancy and Scratch fonts are from Emily at Jones Design Company.  It was through her post here last fall that I first learned you can use your handwriting to create a font all your own!  It’s something I’ve been planning to do for a while and never yet gotten around to. Maybe this recent font obsession will be enough of an impetus to get me going!

Until next time, happy Friday y’all!

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