Home Sweet Colorado

Happy Monday! Hubby and I are slowly but surely getting back into the swing of things after a wonderful week visiting my hometown of Colorado Springs.  It was such an incredible blessing to have our family all together again as well as so many of my lifelong friends, most of whom I haven’t seen since our wedding 2 1/2 years ago.  We crammed each day to the fullest with good old-fashioned fun, (way too much) delicious food, and plenty of laughter as we enjoyed the each others’ company amidst the sights and sounds of Colorado Springs.  From a drive to the top of Pikes Peak, to a day of shop-till-you-drop antiquing, to catching up with dear friends over dinner in a funky downtown cafe, every moment is a memory I cherish.  Colorado, I miss you dearly!

I purposefully set the blog aside for the duration of our vacation so I could relax without distraction and really be present with the people I love.  I did, however, take my camera along!  Here are a few (okay, okay, many more than just a few) of my favorite shots from the week:

My handsome brother during our visit to the Denver Botanical Gardens.


Three generations of women…


Love that lasts a lifetime.



My youngest brother and his beautiful fiancé.


The men, on a hiking adventure at the family cabin.


And my man, after we enjoyed a tasty treat on the tippy top of Pikes Peak.


There were many other times during the week that I wished I’d brought my camera with me, but I chose to leave it home more often than not.  Early in the week I had stumbled across an article in one of the popular women’s magazines that said something along these lines: Get out from behind the camera once and a while; your memories of those special moments will be so much richer if you are truly present than if you’re stuck living through a lens.  Having headed that advice for the duration of the week I can truly say this – photographs are wonderful for capturing moments, but the best memories are captured in the heart.





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