One Man’s Trash is Another Girl’s Treasure

Happy Tuesday! How was everyone’s Cinco de Mayo? To be honest, I had completely forgotten yesterday was the 5th until I hopped on the computer today to catch up on a few of my favorite blogs and was greeted with a host of festive and delicious-looking recipes in honor of the holiday – salsa from Living the Domesticated Life, a taco bar from Life{in}Grace, and Pioneer Woman’s made-from-fresh blackberry margaritas! Too bad I missed it!  Perhaps next year I’ll keep track of the days a little better.

For now at least, I’ll console myself in knowing that I was hard at work at a fun new project yesterday instead.  Since beginning this blog, I’ve been keeping a keen eye out for a used coffee or side table in my quest to try my hand at flipping furniture.  Having been encouraged and inspired by some fellow bloggers’ fantastic flips, it’s been something I’ve always wanted to do and simply needed the right piece to get the creative juices flowing and get me started.  Over the last few weeks, Hubby and I have visited our local ReStore and a handful of thrift stores with the hopes of finding the piece of furniture, but had come up empty handed thus far.  Then one evening last week, we struck gold.

Hubby and I had decided to talk Ike out for a walk around the neighborhood after dinner.  We hadn’t gone more than two blocks when we rounded the corner and saw a coffee table set out on the curb along with one of the neighbor’s trash.  And it was perfect!  It was missing one of the four panes of glass from the tabletop and had its fair share of dings, but it had solid bones and was nothing that a little old fashioned elbow grease couldn’t make shine!


After moseying up for a better look, Hubby quickly suggested we go back for the dolly to pick up.  So I am now, officially, the resident neighborhood dumpster diver.  I practically sprinted back to the house, my overactive imagination all the while whispering that if I didn’t hurry up the table would attract another neighbor and would disappear in the minute and a half it took us to get back.  Thank goodness that wasn’t the case!

I dedicated yesterday to getting a jump start on this project, starting out with the sanding.  I opted to do the sanding by hand given all of the nooks and crannies I’d have to cover, and used a 60 grit course sanding block.


So much for giving myself a manicure the night before!  That one didn’t last long.


I sanded all of the surfaces down to a matte finish to provide a good base for the paint.  I choose to go with spray paint for this project since it would be easier to handle and would provide better coverage on all the angles and planes of of the table.  Here are my tools of the trade:


I was looking for a deep blue hue for the table and selected Krylon’s Oxford Blue.  It was a a fair bit lighter and more indigo than I had imagined once it dried, but overall I’m really pleased with it. It took just under two cans of spray paint to give everything an even coat.


I plan to (lightly) distress the table later, but went back and forth on what to do for the tabletop.  I considered incorporating the glass panes back into the tabletop in some way, perhaps by giving them a coat of chalkboard paint for a game table, but decided against it due to the cost of replacing the one missing pane.  Instead, I picked up some free pallet wood from my neighborhood Walmart with plans to do a mismatched, weathered wood design on top for some interest.  With Hubby’s help (this is my first time using a power saw!) we began cutting the wood for the top last night.

I’ll leave you hanging for now, but plan to share the final product with you in a reveal post very soon!



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