{First Friday Favorites} Blog Roundup

Happy Friday everyone!  This is my first {First Friday Favorites} post and I’m very excited. I plan to post each first Friday of the month specifically to share some of my favorite things, be it verses from scripture, recipes, places, or like today – blogs!  I first got introduced to the idea of blogs – a term that I’d honestly never heard before that time – a few years ago, after I moved into my first apartment.  I was looking for some decorating inspiration and stumbled across a few blogs that caught my attention.  And…I got hooked.

Jones Design Company was the very first blog I began following (before I even knew how to actually “follow” a blog), and for the last few years I’ve dropped by on a regular basis…probably almost every day!  When I first came across Emily’s blog, I sat and read all the way back to her original post by the end of that week.  I fell in love with her decorating style and so enjoyed the honesty in her writing, her beautiful graphics design work, and her creativity.  I was also excited to find out that she’s a fellow believer in Christ.  JDC has been the inspiration for a lot of my own decorating in our home and probably the primary inspiration in starting my own blog!  So with that said, enjoy my all time favorite…

Jones Design Company
The next 4 blogs are all close seconds and are listed in no particular order.  I enjoy all of them very much and each for different reasons.  Hope you enjoy them as well!
Pleated Poppy
Pure Style Home
The Lettered Cottage
Dear Lillie
Wishing you a wonderful weekend!

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