From Where I Sit

Since I’ve been writing and creating much more lately, I’ve found myself spending significantly more time in our office throughout the day.  It’s been a welcome change though, as it’s probably my favorite room in our house right now.  Between the big window at the front of the room and the way our house seems to face just right, the room simply glows in warmth and spring sunlight in the early afternoons well until dusk. Well, at least when it’s not raining cats and dogs like it has been the last few days!

It’s the perfect place to curl up in the rocker with a good book (I’ve been a particularly ravenous reader of late), write, mess around on the keyboard (since it can hardly qualify as “playing” I’m so out of practice!), or make a mess of the craft closet to begin a new project when the inspiration strikes.  It’s also “Ike’s room” since it houses his doggy crate and is generally his all around favorite hangout spot, with the perfect lookout so he can keep a watchful eye on the comings and goings of the neighborhood.  There he is now!


The desk was a bargain Craigslist find, all of which I owe to my wonderful Momma.  I was out of the state for a few months of training within our first few months in the house when we first started looking for a desk, but had been keeping an eye on Craiglist and used furniture sites near home as best I could.  Out of the blue one day, Mom called in between my classes to tell me that she had found a desk on Craigslist near her that she thought was just right for us and did we want it?  At the time, she and my dad lived a few hours away from us and she was willing to pick it up for us and transport it down to our house the next time they came for a visit.  A few texted photos and a quick phone call to my hubby, and I told Mom we’d take it. I just love it! It’s just the right size, and doesn’t feel like a sterile, standard office desk.


My all-time favorite blog – and one of the long-time inspirations for my starting a blog –  is Jones Design Company.  I love Emily’s style and as I began to decorate our new home, her home served as a big design inspiration.  Somehow, I thought that desk seemed a lot like a piece of furniture you might find in her house!




Until next time, happy Friday y’all!




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